Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Friends Are Crafty

Hello Crafteteers!

Another blog entry where I get to show off my friends' creative cards.  Our little group met again for a card making session and it was too fun!  An added bonus: Val made a chocolate cherry dessert that was delicious...I am salivating now just thinking of that dessert...

First up was our Crafter Extraordinaire, Val.  She had designed this cute-as-a-button tag for us.  When I first saw the tag I laughed because I thought "That is how I feel that I look some mornings".  As you guessed, I just love the little monster stamp!  It was originally a "he" but a few eyelashes later and "she" was on our card.  The background was made using white tissue paper, stamped with sentiment and place on card stock.  We used distress ink along the edges.

If you like the stamp (I know I do!) then hop on over to Stampotique ( to buy one monster stamp...or two...or three...

Our Gamsol Gal was next: Janice.  She designed this lovely Easter card.  The colors are too pretty and the layout is happy.  The little chick and egg paper is so sweet. (Mental note, add "little chick paper" to my wish list.)  I am really digging the pastel colors...and she is totally rocking the pastels on this card!  The bow and the pearls finished off the card perfectly.

Last- but surely not least- was our Design Diva, Rebecca.  She designed a beautiful flower sentiments card.  She chose two different card colors (you clever girl!) and we could either stamp the sentiment on a label (as shown on the yellow card) or directly on the background paper.  I chose to keep the blue card sentiment free for now.  When I need a last minute card I can go to the blue card and stamp the appropriate sentiment on it.  I really like how she layered the flowers on top of the ornate dies and the Martha Stewart punched branches.  Did I mention yet she was clever?

Thanks again Ladies for a fantastic crafting session!  Can't wait until the next one!

If you do not have a little crafty card design group, I highly suggest you create one or find one. It is fun to craft all afternoon, do new techniques, see new crafting styles, and hang out with fellow Crafteteers.  Plus, it is nice to have some extra cards in our card stash to give out!  See my original crafty friends post ( to see how we have our card making session set up.

Interested in seeing my friends' other paper crafts?

Thanks for stopping by and stay crafty!


  1. These are all so lovely!! you are so lucky to have such awesome crafty friends!

    1. It's so true! My friends are the best and they are awesome crafters. :)

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