Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Craft Room

Happy Sunday, All!

The winds from Arthur have died down and power has returned...yay!  Yesterday afternoon I opened up the curtains in the craftroom and worked by natural light (although it was a cloud covered day) on some cards.  It was quite peaceful working without power on.  Does that sound strange?  I think the cards turned out ok and I hope my colors match!

Today I am sharing views of my craft room.  The idea to share my cluttered but happy space was due to the linky party at Craft Hoarders.  I have only shared my space once since I started blogging but I decided to be brave and share it again.  
The shot about is how it looked this morning.  It is the view when you first walk in the room.  (I still have project materials sitting out!)  The state of the room is pretty standard- sometimes it looks a little neater and sometimes...well...not so much. 

Before I go any further, I should say a little bit about it: the room is small.  The pictures were all taken with me leaning as far back in the room as possible.  Also, the room has been in transition this year.  A few months ago I was moving stuff to a spare bedroom to "upgrade" to a larger space.  At one point the stuff was frantically moved back as we had weekend company that was staying in the room.  Then, I slowly started to move the items back to the spare bedroom.  Two weeks ago one of my besties, Janice, gave me a huge storage unit that fit perfectly into my craft room.  Now, the stuff it almost completely moved back into the original room (LOL) but still needs to be organized...big time!  Hopefully the next "Fifth Week" linky at Craft Hoarders will result in me sharing a more organized room.  I will do a video then, too. 

Ok...back to the room...

A quick turn right and you see my die cutting area.
My die cutting table.  I keep post-its handy to hold my dies in place (the holder was a gift from Janice) and all of my boards are in the drawer under the machine.  You can also see two large bins in the background.  Those bins contain most of my dies.  
I just finished this organization on Friday.  The first container has all of my non Grand and non D-Lites Spellbinders.  Almost all of the dies have their own zip bag sealed to size.  The container to the right are the remaining Spellbinders and other manufacturer dies.  The dies are easily accessed at my die table and sometimes I just enjoy taking scrap paper and running my dies through.  Can you tell I like die cutting?  
Turn 180º and you see the crazy space packed with stuff.  It may look bad at first glance (or second...or third) but it easy for my to grab my stuff while I am at my desk.
Here is a straight on shot of my desk, aka The Crafty Command Center.  (Please pardon the poor photo quality.)  The basket on the desk contains adhesives and small stamp blocks.  The pink fabric item on the adjoining desk is a gift from Ruby (quilter and sewer extraordinaire) that I can toss scrap paper in and on top is a pin cushion.  On the floor is a three tier stand that has my Quietfire Stamps and ribbons.  The window trim needs repainting- some of it came off when I removed the plastic winter window covers- and as you can see, the room was purple before.  That's right- PURPLE.  Goodness...
Turn 90º and you can see the back of the room.  The storage unit is the awesomeness shown in this photo.  It is so big that it did not fit in the photo!  I still need to figure out the best way to store items in the unit so I will not open the doors on this tour.  :)
Finally, the sneaky storage space is shown below.  My wonderful hubby made the stamp shelves for many of my wood mounts.  The ribbon holder is actually a shoe holder that I converted to hold some (ahem) of my ribbon.
One thing I am in process of doing now is taking my ribbon off spools and neatly putting them in mini storage bags.  The clever idea came from the first Fifth Monday linky party at Craft Hoarders.  Pam showed how she stored her ribbon and I knew I had to do it!  Scroll down on her post here and you will see her neat and easy to access ribbon storage.

Thanks for talking this long winded tour of my small room!
Hope you all are having a great Sunday!
Kathy Jo


  1. Thanks for sharing your room, it looks very nice and organized. Thanks for sharing with Craft Hoarders Anonymous.

  2. Your room is wonderful..I just love all the ribbon and your cutting station is great! Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Hoarders!

  3. Your space is just wonderful. I could spend days in there for sure! I love all your storage tips and that large cabinet is amazing. I have one similar that holds a ton of "stuff" and I don't know what I would do without it!

  4. What a wonderful, cheery space to work in. You have used your tiny space well, and have everything you need at your fingertips! What could possibly be better than that! I love your Crafty Command Central! Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  5. What a great craft space! I have to do all my crafting in my basement as I have no where else to go so all my supplies are in totes! So sad, I know!

  6. I love your jam packed room! It reminds me of my spaces in two of my former homes! Small, and JAMMED with goodness! But the rooms had a door! My current space is a door, my mess out there for all to see....and touch! ;) Thanks so much for sharing your space with us at Craft Hoarders!


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