Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WOYWW #276

Hello Crafters!

I really enjoyed participating in WOYWW a couple of weeks ago.  The sweetest crafters participate in the sharing!  Last week was super busy (ultimate frisbee playoffs, company visiting, hosting a crafty afternoon at my place, etc) so I could not participate...but I think I have time to pop in again this week.  I will share what I am doing now and some other things that I did the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully the post is not too long!

Here it messy crafty spot.  Right now I am working on a project for the blog hop with Quietfire and Walnut Hollow.  I put a coat of antique white paint on the box and started cutting out my patterned papers.  
Last time someone said they were interested in seeing what was in the basket on my desk.  It is mainly my adhesives.  You may wonder what the pretty fabric item is... friend Janice's mom is an amazing sewer.  She made this cute sewing kit/wallet for me.  I store my pins in it.  
Someone also asked what was in the metal container to the left of my desk.  It is supposed to be a tea tin but I store my baby wipes in it.
One thing I did last week was organize my buttons.  Very happy with the progress thus far!  Some people may say you can never have enough buttons.  Well, I realized I actually do have too many buttons and made 6 ziplock bags (!) full of buttons to give to my crafty friends.
This jar however was not sorted.  It is special: a jar of antique buttons from my mom.  
On Saturday, my friend Rebecca and I drove to Carsand Mosher (a crafty store a little less than an hour away) and picked up some goodies.  Graphic 45's Raining Cats and Dogs....
...dies and a stencil.  Most of which was on sale!
And lastly a large Tim Holtz bag (50% 0ff!) that I plan on taking as my purse when I go to CHA in January.  :)
Sorry for the long post!  Had a lot to share!  Thanks for popping in and I look forward to seeing your posts on WOYWW!
Kathy Jo


  1. Hi Kathy Jo. You desk looks great. I can't wait to see the finished box. You did a good job soting all those buttons. #17

  2. Oh lots of lovely crafting goodies. Look forward to seeing the box when it's been transformed. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #47 x

  3. Oh, I love the idea of your sorted buttons!! So going to do that now!! Your crafty space is fabulous!! And how jealous am I that you are going to CHA!! Lucky girl!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Ha! we both are meditating on the same box! When it said card box, I was the ink A2, not playing cards- ah well!
    thanks for the tour around- enjoying getting to n=know my future room mate better!
    Thanks for visiting and your kind words!
    Robyn 7

  5. Great post Kathy Jo. Look forward to seeing the finished box. I like your colourful shelves - the button sorting has paid dividends as the jars look fab. And how lovely to still have your mother's antique buttons to treasure. I'm sure you are going to have a fun time using all your new goodies. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #62

  6. Your buttons look gorgeous, especially those from your mum! You had a fun shopping haul too. Helen 11

  7. My, you are super organized! Everything looks neat and wonderful!
    Gabriele 16

  8. I love that big jar of goodies! Looks very rustic! Zsuzsa #64

  9. Don't worry about the blog being too long. I love hearing all about what you're doing and what you bought etc We're nosey, right? That's why we join WOYWW.
    Wow, you've got some first class goodies! I like the papers as well as the stencil.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.

  10. Hi Kathy Jo, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. Glad you've come back to join our desk snooping, you a lot of great storage, super button collection - love the antique ones, lucky you. And if you'd like to check out my cardinal cards they are finished and here Have a wonderful week, cheers RobynO#27

  11. Hi Kathy Jo - welcome back. Your desk looks like a great place to play, and I'm drooling over those buttons and your new stash. I have a couple of similar boxes to decorate but mine have compartments, too, so I'm still mulling over how to convert them into jewelry boxes for my DDs. Have a great week, Chris # 29

  12. I can't wait to see the box finished and do you think you have enough buttons? I've never seen so many. That little sewing thingy is gorgeous, those pins are beautiful. I've never seen ones with hearts on before. What a lot of goodies you bought, I'll bet you'll have a great time using all of them. Have a great week,
    Von #25

  13. Oh my!!! I love everything on your desk!!! What a lot of lovely buttons! I love buttons! I really should put them in jars to display them. They are too pretty to hide in a box, which is what I do! Thanks for showing the purse and the craft stuff. Yummy! patsy

  14. Well, I will look out for that bag in January, you never know I might just see you there. I was choosing classes last night but doubt I will get what I want.
    You look as if life has been very busy - best way to keep it like that, it makes for happy living.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me yesterday when I was away.
    Neet 24
    ps the Alice plate - got it on ebay, was so lucky to see it. Love it!

  15. ah, I have a bottle of mum's buttons too and lots of treasures in there too... some very old.

    I love the crafty bargains... where do you shop :D wouldn't mind a bargain like those :D
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #15

  16. Wow, you've got a lot of lovely things to play with there! I especially like that stencil. It's gorgeous!
    Thanks for dropping by too.

  17. New stash is always exciting! Enjoy playing. I love the Tim Holz bag too!
    Happy WOYWW !
    Tertia #38

  18. Are you using the new G45 on your box? wwww..takes me a week of it sitting in a bag beofre I'm over it enought it actually consider using new stuff! I love that you're keeping your Mother's buttons as a separate treasure .

  19. Thanks for letting us peek into your room. You are awesome organizing your buttons. Mine are a mess! Lucky you for having an awesome shop to go to! I am so jealous!♥

  20. Hi Kathy Jo, thanks for the visit, I seem to be a bit late this week getting round everyone.
    I am really looking forward to seeing how you complete the box . The Graphic 45 papers are gorgeous and so are the buttons. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 35

  21. I love your creative space, Kathy Jo - so bright and colourful and well organised! Mine is a total tip again at the moment, with the contents of my recent parcel in a heap on the desk. All your buttons and ribbons are so pretty! Like me, you have just got some lovely new stash too. It's such fun opening it all up and sorting it. Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - I am pleased with how the avocado dyeing came out, although the colour is a bit lighter now it's all dried.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  22. Looking forward to seeing the box when it's finished.

    I love seeing how people store their various stuff. The basket is a nice idea.

    I love buttons, but often forget to use them.

    Loving all your new stash and the bag is fab.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 34

  23. I love how organised your craft area is, with the pretty jars of buttons and the wonderful ribbon reels all in beautiful colour order. Great looking stash, and I LOVE that Tim Holtz bag! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, Diana #33

  24. Thanks for stopping by my desk - I am indeed a 'tidy crafter' but your desk is neat too... I LOVE the buttons in jars, and I have a little 'needle-book' like yours too (well, not that beautiful... ) The big bag you bought is beautiful! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #46

  25. Your desk looks so organized it could be a store. You do have an extensive collection of you use any? hehe...I'd love to play with those new goodies on your desk. I never put anything new away until I've used it...have fun and thanks for the visit, Carole

  26. I spent my Sunday tidying up too, the whole room was a mess, not just my well used desk. Still not finished. You have lovely new goodies to play with, but my, what a lot of buttons!!

    Brenda 56

  27. Oh my goodness, you're going to go to CHA in January??? How exciting!!! I've wanted to do that ever since I found out what CHA was a few years ago! I can only imagine how much fun it will be...oh and all the craft goodies! Swoon!!

    Congrats on getting your buttons sorted! I've decided I have entirely too many buttons too! I didn't think it was possible, but obviously, it is! Haha! I love your jar of buttons your mom gave you! How sweet is that!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Amy E. (#3 last week but #74 this week...yikes!)


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