A bit about my little blog...

The name of the blog "I'm a Little Teapot" was chosen because I love teapots, tea cups and tea.  I think tea cups, especially, are like little works of art.

The blog home address Daisysanddaffodils was made by combining my beautiful female kitty at the time, Daisy, and my favorite flowers, Daffodils. 
A bit about me...

As stated in my short profile details, I am married to a handsome Canadian man.  We are both mechanical engineers, we play ultimate frisbee together, watch baseball and football together and we are fortunate to have the best friends, families and furry family that two people could ever dream.  Our furry family members include our sweet Saint Bernard, Teddy, and three fluff ball kitties Ginger, Nico and Pepper.

I became interested in scrapbooking around 2007.  Looking back at those pages is quite interesting!  A lot has changed in my techniques and supplies!  I started bead working in 2006 which continued for several years.  In 2008 I became very good friends with a talented card maker, Janice, and she slowly convinced me to start card making...so I blame her for my small bank account and large card making supply stash.  :)

In 2011, Janice invited me to a local crafty group and the group encouraged me to start a blog.  I gave in to peer pressure and started the blog but never really used it.  

In January of 2013 I decided to start using the blog as a card library for my own reference.  I then found out about card challenges...how fun it was to meet other bloggers...then was introduced to new techniques, etc.  Now, I am hooked.

Most days I am in my craft room.  During the work week I try to get into my craft room by 9pm and it is not surprising for me to head to bed at midnight or after.  I really enjoy my crafty time and look forward to heading there every night.  Crafting is great way to tap into creativity and produce something unique or beautiful or fun or wherever the crafty road takes you.  Also, I find that crafting helps the mind and relaxes the soul.  I am so happy being a crafter!

When not playing with paper, doing nerdy engineering stuff, or playing ultimate, I am constantly busy!  I enjoy walking Teddy at the local puppy park, gardening, playing volleyball, participating in local charity fundraisers, participating in a local money group, reading, knitting...just staying busy!  

The last bits...

Life is short.  Do what you can, while you can. 

Think positive thoughts as often as possible and make plans for your future.

It is never too late to go for a dream or a goal.

FTC Notice:
This blog is my personal happy crafty space in which I share projects, techniques, tips and tutorials.  Please note that some products I use on my blog were provided to me for free or at a discounted price.  Although some product may have been provided as free or discounted, I choose to only use product that I enjoy using and will provide honest feedback on the product.  

Below is a list of relationships I have with craft companies.  I chose these companies because I use their product.

I am a design team member for Quietfire Design.
I am a design team member for Crafter's Companion.

This blog also contains affiliate links.  Any purchases made through clinking on one of the affiliate links will result in a small payment to me.  Those payments will help maintain my blog and help with craft supply expenses.  I appreciate your support through the affiliate link purchases!


  1. I add you to my farourites blogs. :)

  2. I am enjoying your Blog and your cards are Amazing have brighten my day with ideas. I too love Teapots which are filled with PG Tips just about every day. Look forward to your blogs.

  3. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us....Beautiful


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