Thursday, March 15, 2012

21 Signs that you are addicted to paper crafting

  1. You have numerous bottles of Stickles and backups for your favorites (Stardust!).
  2. You have looked at quilted toilet paper and thought "Hmm...that would be a cool embossing folder pattern".
  3. You save buttons from all old clothes you are throwing out.
  4. You have some paper you will never use because "it is just too pretty".
  5. You have your favorite local craft store phone number saved in your contacts list.
  6. You have no idea what Tim Holtz looks like but you imagine him as George Clooney with distress ink in one hand and kraft paper in the other.
  7. You start making Christmas cards in February.
  8. You hope you never have to move because your crafting room would take way too long to pack.
  9. On Sunday mornings you have woken to a "crafting hangover".
  10. You have not walked into a Hallmark store in years.
  11. Although you are sad that Desperate Housewives is ending, you are looking forward to that extra hour of craft time each week.
  12. You have jokingly used the phrase "You can never have too much glitter" but question whether that isn't really true.
  13. You always carry a 40% off coupon from Michaels in your purse.
  14. You have three paper trimmers: a large and a small trimmer for your craft room and then a folding one for your MCU.
  15. You refer to your mobile crafting unit as an MCU.
  16. Martha Stewart punches: you have ten different lace sets in your craft room and three on your wish list.
  17. Sometimes you just take an hour to run different paper through all of your embossing folders.
  18. You pass on going out for lunch because you are saving for "that new Spellbinders Nestabilities".
  19. You wish you had a pair of carpenter pants so that you can holster your tape gun.
  20. You refer to the excitement of finding Cosmo Cricket paper in clearance as having a "craft-gasm".
  21. You need to have a membership at the local sewing supply store in order to keep your ribbon costs down.

Mom/Thank You card

This week my mom sent a "craft care package" containing stamps, embossing folders and a new Cuttlebug C plate (yeah!).  I am sending her this card to thank her for the sweet care package. 

For the card front I cut and embossed two Spellbinders Scalloped Circles (S4-250) and one Ironwork Motif (S5-059).  The black flower ribbon is from The Cutting Garden.  Inside each flower I placed a pearl (Dollarama).  The inside of the card contains more Scalloped Circles and another Ironwork Motif.  Tim Holtz Black Soot was used on the edge of the card and Stickles was used at will!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it is all about?

Some photos of a new card I just finished today.  Peanuts stamps are awesome and this card was fun to make.  The inside rectangles are made from my new Spellbinders Wonky Rectangles.


A little challenge

It has been awhile but I needed time to determine what to do with this blog.  People who know me may not be shocked by that statement since I am not one to just jump into things without truly thinking about it.  So, without much further ado...Welcome to my blog!

Money is on my mind today.  I am in a money group and we have made several challenges for the group this month.  What is a money group?  Well, it is a small group of ladies (we call ourselves the Cha-Ching Chicks) who meet every month to discuss money: ways to save more money, make more money, find answers to our money questions and how to be smarter with our money.  We are also a support group to help each other meet our monetary goals.  We have been meeting since September and I must admit the group has been very helpful.  If you want to learn more now, I suggest you visit the website  We do not follow the Smart Cookies exact format and agendas but we do refer to their pdf on money groups from time to time.

Back to the challenge:
One of our challenges this month is to calculate our yearly home heating costs and determine how much money we should put aside every pay day to pay for those high winter heating bills.  This is a good thing for everyone to do so if you are reading this now, give it a shot.  Saving a little every pay will help take the financial burden off during the winter. 

Have fun with the challenge and until next time...
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