Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WOYWW- September 3- First Time!

Hello Fellow Crafteteers and WOYWW Peeps!

My name is Kathy Jo and this is my first time posting on WOYWW.  (insert applause here) I am fortunate to follow some very talented and awe-inspiring crafters out there that participate in WOYWW.  It is too fun seeing their work desks and what projects they are working on.  Finally, I am taking the leap and sharing my space.  My happy, messy, busy, crafty space...and I love it!

Above is my work surface.  I go through spells in my crafty space.  If I made a card using a particular pad of paper or stamp set and if I don't put it the item back in its place right away then I keep using it.  For example, 3 days in a row I made cards using paper from the same pad.  I guess that is not a bad thing and at least I am using the product!  Yesterday I took photos of a Christmas card I made using a Quietfire stamp set, white embossing powder and some kraft paper.  Yesterday evening I had a eureka moment on what to do with some scrap kraft paper and other papers...tags.  I used some of the same product used on the card and I used scrap paper.  Finally, I used some of those smaller scrap papers!  BTW, don't be too impressed with the alignment of the tags: I had to organize them on the paper to ensure the glue and Stickles would dry.  The desk looks a little more organized than it would if I was making a card.
On the left side of the desk you can see some items I have been playing with.  One is a matchbox I made with more scrap paper.  I picked up the matchbox die set at a yard sale and am enjoying using it.  It came with not only the die but 3 spacer places.  Score!  You can also see a couple of bottles of Stickles.  I won those a couple of weeks ago on the Sizzix blog when they were introducing the new line of Stickles colors.  So lucky!  

It was very interesting to take a photo of my messy desk and see what is really on it.  It is a reflection of how I work, what I queue on my desk for future projects (all the stuff to the left), and how small of a workspace I really need.  Perhaps I should start a Crafty BAU (like on Criminal Minds) and analyze WOYWW desks.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to being nosy seeing what is on your work space!  

Have a great day!
Big Hugs!
Kathy Jo


  1. Glad you took the plunge! Looks like you have lots of fun going on on your desk, love those cute Christmas tags. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #45

  2. Great to see you and your crafting on WOYWW (glad I decided to return today otherwise I might not have seen this). Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hazel, WOYWW, #34 x

  3. Congrats on your first time and I'm loving your tags and matchbox!

  4. Welcome to the new obcession. Francesca #43

  5. Welcome and hope to see your desk again. Lovely tags
    FAMFA 51

  6. Welcome to desker party! This is such a wonderful, talented group, and I can see how you fit right in. I love your tags! I do the same thing too when I have out a particular pad of scrapbook paper, so fun. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #55

  7. Exciting to see you here sharing your desk! I love that little Quietfire Design tree!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place!
    robyn 13

  8. Welcome, they're quite a friendly bunch here, sure you will enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing your desk with us and have a great week and happy crafting Angela x 38

  9. Hi Kathy Jo! I've linked in for the first time too, so we're both newbies. Thank you for sharing your desk. I love those tags!
    I've also looked at some more of those beautiful cards you've made. Inspirational!
    Happy WOYWW! Lisca #61

  10. Hey Kathy Jo! I'm glad you joined in. It's nice to see what you're working on. Love the tags. I really need to get started on my Christmas crafting, but I'll probably wait till the last minute, as usual. I'm not participating this week. Just wanted to say welcome and hi. Hi!

  11. Hello! Waves back......
    Nice to meet you...I like the look of your desk, you've got some nice things on it! Your blue lidded pot is rather fab too, I could live with that!
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  12. There is no way I could ever participate...99% of the time, I can't even see the surface of my workspace!! And sadly, I'm not kidding ;) Congrats on the Stickles win!! How fun!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Happy 1st WOYWW. I also tend to make several similar designs when I find stash I really enjoy using. I was going to start on Xmas cards this week, but think it will be the end of the month now. Ali x. #20

  14. Welcome to WOYWW, and I love the idea of a deskers BAU!! Thank you for liking my desk, but let me tell ya, I wish I could sit at it for hours!! Your desk is lovely, I like the order and think it far from messy. it's fascinating to see what we all think of our own spaces. Great score on the stickles !

  15. Hello, lovely to see your desk for the first time! Your Christmas tags are lovely.
    I hope you get as much pleasure from this mad blog hop as I do!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B 9

  16. Hi welcome to WOYWW .. CLAP< CLAP<CLAP..... great desk.
    I would love to have a rummage through the basket at the back
    janet #18

  17. Welcome to the addictive world of WOYWW! Look forward to seeing more of your desk because what's on there now looks fabulous, especially love the little matchbox! Chris46

  18. Welcome to woyww it's addictive once you start. Great win on the stickles too and great to see you able to use more then one sheet out of a pad if paper such lovely tags you made too hugs Nikki 2

  19. Welcome! It's totally addictive and very inspirational, WOYWW. But will you be a neat and tidy desk or a chaotic mess in the coming weeks? :) I know where I fall...

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (8)

  20. Welcome to the WOYWW desker's of the world and you wont be the only one analyzing desks we all see what we can and snoop because we can. LOL If you think your desk is messy then you really need to check out a few more desks, honestly they make me giggle they are so messy and yes mine gets like that too. What a score getting that matchbox set too.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49
    Happy WOYWW

  21. Welcome Kathy Jo to WOYWW I hope you had had fun looking at desks around the world and showing your desk with those lovely tags to us all. I got your message that you recognised my name ... You were correct I am team mates with your lovely talented friend Val!
    I hope you keep joining in with WOYWW each week I have been doing it for over two years now and love looking at other peoples desks!! Jackie 15

  22. Well, I'm not sure what happened there - I sent you a lovely comment welcoming you to WOYWW - and it has disappeared! This is addiction personified - so your bank balance will continue small, and your stash continue to get larger! I've looked right through your site - and your cards are beautiful. Well done. But do tell - what is Ultimate Frisbee?? Played Frisbee with the girls when they were young - but far too old even for that now...
    Thanks for visiting. Doing a mammoth card making this year as we are selling cards to raise funds for two schools our church supports in Uganda. Hence the simple designs, and speedy making up.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #22

  23. Nice tidy space you have there! Congratulations on the win too. Sunshine Girl #17

  24. Good to see a new face here! Your desk looks very interesting. Helen 14

  25. Welcome, Kathy Jo - your desk looks like fun, and I love the tags. Have a great weekend, Chris # 29

  26. A warm welcome to the world's most famous nosey fest, Kathy Jo! Be warned, you'll be hooked in no time. Love your busy desk and what looks like a regular production line! Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment - I always think my desk is cluttered because I never get round to putting all my gel mediums and other stuff away, not to mention the famous jar of dirty water lol!! Have a look at my room last WOYWW - now THAT's clutter lol!!

    Thank you for your nice comment about the bereavement card. My hubby saw my friend's hubby yesterday and he said he was absolutely delighted with it, so I am very pleased. It's always difficult to get that sort of thing just right.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #40

  27. welcome to WOYWW and am with you on the queuing on my desk too everything is on the left ..and also need small area to craft.. weird huh??
    .. seems to shrink more and more till need to clear up! or am on floor! Shaz in Oz.x #33

  28. Lovely to meet you on WOYWW - they are delightful little tags and I love that blue jar - the basket at the back looks incredibly inviting too, I'd love a rummage! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #41

  29. Hi Kathy Jo, welcome to the addictive land of WOYWW! Like that you don't out stuff away, like me - glad my crapalanche made you laugh, better not read at work in future as I have lots of them :-)
    Thanks fir your lovely comments
    Debs 35

  30. What pretty tags! Welcome to WOYWW! And thank you for stopping by my space earlier! Sorry I am late! :)


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