Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CHA Recap- For the die lovers out there...Tonic Studios

Hello again!

Over the next blog posts I will be sharing my favorite new products at CHA.  The product blog posts are in no particular order.  

This post will cover one of my favorite products to use: dies.  Yes, you all know that I am a die junkie.  I made well over 150 projects last year and I believe when I went through the projects only 3 or 4 projects did not use dies.  You can imagine my pleasure when I spied a "new to me" die company...

"Oh...sweet dies" I say with a sigh.  Why did the Tonic Studio booth at CHA have to tease me with their incredible dies?  Ugh.  It was a catch 22 as Tonic Studio had all of their dies out for display and I drooled over each of them...but could not buy them.  Not one.  Oh!  The travesty!  It was cruel of Tonic...very cruel to have those dies out for me to see.
Just look at that booth.  It was gloriously filled with dies!  The photo taken does not do it justice.  Mind you, it is not the quantity of the dies but the quantity of amazing dies.  Wait a second, I need to add something to this blog post before I forget:

Dearest Husband,
I think you are really cute and loving and ever so generous.  If you are looking for a great Valentine's Day gift or an item just to say you are thinking of me, please do not think you have to give me flowers or chocolate.  Feel free to click here.  Pick a die.  Any die.  I will be very happy...and will continue to wash your stinky hockey gear.

Ok. Had to get that out.  Back to the dies...
They have quite the range of delectable dies.  I thought these dies were clever.  The dies consist of an ornate frame with a pop out.  
Each frame and pop out is lovely...a great die set in itself.  The cherry on top of this die cut sundae is that you can buy a package of pop outs!
Thank you, Tonic, for thinking of this.  Talk about getting extra miles out of your dies.  They have several of the frames and pop outs available.  Here is a handy link to see the die availability.  And guess what?  They also offer it with tags for the replaceable pop out.  Here is that link.

A non-die cool product:
 Tonic product includes a storage unit with dies that can be used on the front of the drawers.
It looks like the die could be used to hold a gift card in/on a card.  A nice detail for a gift card holder.

Another non-die item that I thought was neat- an antique crackle top and base coat.  Unlike the Tim Holtz Crackle, the Tonic crackle produces large crackle on the item.
Not sure if you can see it well in the photo but the finish looks fabulous.

It appears that this post is getting long!  I could show more photos and talk more about the dies but I will let you check out their blog and website for better photos and inspiration.

Have a good night and I hope that you all get Tonic Studio dies in your local crafty store...I know that I will be telling mine about Tonic!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Kathy Jo

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  1. I hope to be able to go to CHA one day. Love the projects and dies. I'm a die-a-holic LOL. Thank you for sharing


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