Saturday, May 30, 2015

Look out Wonder Woman!

Hello all!

Yes, yes I do have a photo of Wonder Woman on my blog.  That is because I feel as cool as she looks.  Do you know why? Because I have joined the 21st century and now I have an Instagram account. Woo-who!  I have posted a few crafty photos, too.  10 minutes in and already a pro. Wonder Woman indeed. 

You know what?  I feel quite "hip" right now.  I feel like I should perhaps dress trendy or use more up-to-date lingo.  Instead of referring to the "clicker" to change channels I will say "remote control".  Maybe I should get rid of my 8 track player and move up to cassettes.  At the mall I will hum hip tunes like Baby Got Back or Ice Ice Baby.  Yep.  Look out 21st century- here I come!!

Listed below are all of my social media links.  Feel free to friend or follow me and I will make sure to follow you back!  I am always happy to see new crafty inspiration. And in case you are concerned, I am not one of those people that post every meal or notify you all when I changed my location.  That is TMI.  (See that?  I slipped in a cool abbreviation.  Told you I was rockin' the 21st century.)

Instagram: @kathyjocrafts
Twitter: @kathyjocrafts
Pinterest: @daisysanddaf  (or just look up kathy wood)
Facebook: Kathy Jo Wood (kathyjo.wood)

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Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to following you all in the other social media realms.
Wonder Woman Kathy Jo

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