Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Craft Room

View when you first walk in my craft room
 Hi All!

Craftin' Desert Divas challenge is "Show me your craft room".  Admittedly, only 3 or 4 people have ever seen my space in five years.  I always keep the door shut and I give excuses why people cannot go in!  I love my little room but I do not want people to think I am disorganized or that I have too much stuff or some other silly reason.  So, this was actually a tough challenge for me: do I finally show people the room or continue to have the room hidden?  Well, you all know what I decided.

First of all, the room is actually a baby's room.  (It is small and in the corners of the room on the hardwood floor are painted stencils of rocking horses.)  Since December my husband and I have been doing small improvements to better utilize the space.  The view above is the view of the room when you first walk in.

The desk is quite thin and I have had it since college.  A nice memory/working piece for me!  To the left of the desk is a paper sorter unit I picked up for $20.  Super sweet.  It holds all my letter size card stock and is sorted by color.  To the right of my desk is the bottom half of a china cabinet I bought at an auction for $30!  The top half is used as storage in our basement.  Well spent $30!  On the wall is a peg board my hubby installed in January.  My friend gave me the peg board (score!).

Desk with project bucket on floor
You may wonder why I have a bucket next to my desk.  Every time I work on a project I put the materials or tools I used into the bucket.  When the project is done, I take photos of the project and bring the bucket to the computer with me.  I find the bucket method helps to list items I used.  :)
Area next to china cabinet

Near the china cabinet base is this little area.  Above the iris boxes is a wall unit that displays my Peanuts stamps!  What a happy couple of shelves.  :)  To the left of the unit is an almost bare wall area.  My husband is going to install another peg board in that area for me.  Yay!  On top of the iris boxes you can also see my two white boxes of scrap paper...boy, I need to find more uses for that paper!
Snoopy stamps...and buttons...and ribbon
The photo below is the area even more to the right (behind my desk).  The tall unit contains my small paper pads, loose ribbon and JustRite stamps.  The two door unit contains photo albums and more 12x12 paper.

The photo below shows the wall to the left of my desk.  This is my Cuttlebug machine working area.  More stamps and goodies on the wall.
Cuttlebug area

Facing back to the door is the special storage area many of you may have seen already.  A great use of space and so easy to find ribbon or stamps.  
Area behind my door- more ribbon and stamps!

So, that is my craft room.  It is small with a lot of stuff...and I love it!  I try to keep it tidy and when I finish a card I clean up so that I start with a clean slate...well...sometimes that does not happen but I try to do it!  When the peg board and other improvements are completed, my room will be much more organized and cleanup will be even quicker.

What do you all think? 

Looking forward to seeing every else's room/area!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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  1. That's one great craft room don't know why you would want to close the door so people can't see. Love all the ribbon you have --I keep most of mine color coded in the clear shoe boxes and stack on shelves . Thanks for sharing your space

  2. What an awesome room! It's so cozy and sweet, I bet you can get lost in there for hours on end! Love how you have everything stored too and your ribbon rack is awesome! Your ribbon collection rocks!!

  3. Great space! Nice organizational ideas! Thanks for sharing over at Desert Divas Link party, Guest Designer Carri~Abusybee

  4. Super craft space! I love that huge ribbon holder. I wish I could fit one in my room. This is just a wonderful space and I am so happy that you have shared it with us. Great job!!

    Thank you so much for joining us at Craftin Desert Divas “Show me your craft space “ Linky Party.

    Craftin Desert Diva's

  5. Yep, you're right. You have way too much stuff! Of course, so do the rest of us crafters. I'm pretty sure that the crafter's motto is, "She who has the most stuff, wins!". What's really scary are crafters with multiple hobbies, the stuff really builds up then (as evidenced by the multiple boxes of fabric under my stairs).
    Your craft room is fabulous ! It looks beautifully organized and certainly worth showing off ! I'm a huge fan of pegboards, I need to see things to remember that I have them. The only problem with that is that people see I have too much stuff and becuse it is 8x8 feet, it looks like a store. But I live for me, not them ! It's like, if you don't like dog fur, you are welcome to leave! ( Probably with some white dog hairs on your backside. hehehe!)

  6. very nice craft room! I am a new follower...come visit me :). Thank you for linking up with us for Tara's linky party at Craftin Desert Diva's. We hope that you will join us again for future linky parties!

    Cut One Designs by Robin

  7. I have little envy happening here. I love your craft room... right now I have craft corner... hopefully moving into a room at some point.
    This is great how you have everything organized and have different section for everything. I think this way you do not forget what you have. I really like the cuttlebug desk.
    Thank you for sharing your room with everyone. I feel sometimes that I have too much stuff too... ok its not just a feeling I do have a lot.
    Thank you, great room.

  8. Great craft space, everything is so organized!!

  9. Great craft space -- gotta ask you a couple of questions :) 1. where did you find that over-the-door ribbon rack? and 2. the "shelves" for your stamps behind your door… How'd you do that??

    Thanks for sharing! Your room must really be your happy place!! :)


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