Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CHA recap- Post 1

Hello Crafters!

I just returned from the best weekend- CHA in Anaheim!  What an amazing experience!!  It was a jam packed weekend and I was fortunate to share it with Suzanne Cannon (owner and super talented designer of Quietfire Stamps) and the rest of the Quietfire Team.  I met some very good blogging friends and was introduced to many other designers.  There is definitely a lot more to CHA than seeing new products.  

The weekend will be summarized in several posts as I still need to gather up all of my photos and info.  This post I will share some photos with the Quietfire Team and blogging friends and talk about the Graphic 45 class I took on Friday.  :)

On Saturday part of the Quietfire team met before the showroom floor opened.  From left to right we have Teresa Horner, Sherry Cheever, Robyn Josephs and me.  
Look at us!  All bright eyed and bushy tailed.  If we would have taken another photo on Tuesday morning, we would not have looked that energetic!  LOL.  

Silly me, I did not take a photo with Suzanne.  However, there is a FANTASTIC photo of Suzanne and Sherry at the duck booth:
A few times throughout the weekend I met up with Sheri and Kristi from the JustRite team.  When I first started really blogging in January of 2012, I entered the JustRite challenges.  The people from that challenge were some of my first blogging friends.  From left to right we have Sheri, me, Kristi.
Next year I will try to remember to take more photos with people I met.  I did not think of it at the time!  Again, busy times and many things to distract me...

On Friday the show wasn't open but classes had started.  As you all know, I am a Graphic 45 addict so it is no shock to you that I took the class on Friday.  The Graphic 45 class was too fun.  It was neat because the Graphic 45 team was time era dressed.  You can kinda see the dress below (love that dress!):
The clothing helped to create a great setting to work with the G45 product.  The class was a year of Graphic 45 cards: 12 cards that consisted of 4 layouts and 3 of each card.  No two cards were the same as there were different papers from Time to Flourish used for each card. (We only had time to create four of the cards so when I finish the others I will post them.) We used one of the new stamp sets from the collection and the Graphic 45 inks.  I had seen the G45 inks online but never had a chance to use them until the class.  I liked the inks because they stamp and match the papers well.

After the class I went up to Charee (one of the co-owners of Graphic 45) and asked for a photo.  
She was very nice and looked fabulous.  (Look at that cute hair piece!!)  Me?  I looked awful.  I almost cut myself out of the photo before posting.  Honestly, I spent a long time on my hair that morning putting in curls and it obviously flattened out in the walk to the convention center.  LOL- next time I am wearing a hat.  :)

That is it for now.  My next posts will consist of products and booths that I liked.  Thank goodness I could not buy anything at the show as I would have had to buy extra suitcases to carry it all home!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kathy Jo

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  1. Love your recap,Kathy Jo! I so enjoyed meeting you and hanging out together!♥


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